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Ways that healthcare organizations can create a quality consumer experience

In the November blog, we identified some of the key problems that prevent healthcare companies from providing excellent customer service. Now we are going to discuss some of the ways that healthcare organizations can address these issues, particularly with the innovative use of data.

A Good Consumer Experience

Think about the companies that provide a truly excellent consumer experience. It is likely that some of the names you come up with are digital companies such as Netflix, AirBnB, Zillow and Amazon. What do they have in common? The login and user experience are intuitive and easy to navigate. Their apps work across multiple devices. They utilize algorithms that get to know who you are and what you like. They remember your information and your latest search. They generate suggestions about things you might be interested in. In other words: they know you, they know what you want, and they anticipate what you will want next—and they do that by making good use of the data they have for each customer.

Healthcare organizations can learn a lot from digital market leaders. If an organization has the right data, they can target the most appropriate consumers for specific information, marketing campaigns, free screenings, and many other opportunities. Like retailers, healthcare organizations can utilize consumer data enrichment to improve outreach, engagement, marketing segmentation, and operational analytics. The information can include PII, contact information, contact preferences, demographic data, purchasing behavior, and social determinants of health. Think of the kind of outreach your health organization would have if you had that sort of information about thousands of consumers.

Omni-Channel Engagement

Today’s consumers expect organizations to have the ability to engage with them across multiple channels—in the real world as well as digitally. With omnichannel engagement, your organization can:

  • Deliver consistent consumer identification across channels – to reduce identity friction and maximize offering alignment

  • Support activation and engagement that meet the consumer in the preferred location with an offering that meets their needs

  • Enable ongoing data capture and learning to support continuous education about changing needs and preferences—with analytics to identify them and adjust the offering

Benefits to Health Plans

Here is an example of how such data could help health plans. With omnichannel views of consumers, health plans can deliver tailored member and prospective member enrollment, using rich datasets to support best fit offers, communication, and engagement. The use of multiple channels has been shown to materially improve return on investment in lead generation. You can improve marketing, sales, and member engagement via deeper, richer, and more accurate market segmentation.

Likewise, you can enhance member activation and outreach if you have better contact information that is accurate, compliant, and reflects the individual’s contact preferences. Your health plan will better serve consumer needs, but it can also improve a member’s journey from initial interaction to post-enrollment interactions.

How Bancroft Can Help

This might sound like an expensive proposition, but many retail businesses are already following this model without breaking the bank. Organizations can reduce database complexity and cost. You can also decrease data management operational complexity (batch enrich at CRM level vs. API call ups)

We believe healthcare organizations that utilize innovative, market-leading digital data, analytic, and engagement technologies can make significant progress toward changing the status quo to deliver person-centered care. Our mission is to bring these technology building blocks to bear in support of our clients.

Bancroft Group’s Technology Solutions supports health plans seeking to improve their ability to engage with their members across the customer journey:

  • Materially improving social determinants of health insight and segmentation to support highest impact engagement

  • Enriching client member databases at a lower cost than alternatives, supporting improved outreach and contact yields

  • Data cleansing and analytics supporting STARS and/or HCC/RAPS maximization

  • Significant impact opportunities on Commercial to MA or MedSUpp conversion

  • Material improvement to efficiency and effectiveness of member outreach and engagement--impacting enrollment quality and yield

  • STARS engagement/experience improvement

Who We Help: Our tools, data and solutions support a range of players across the ecosystem

  • Health plans seeking to improve their member engagement lifecycle from enrollment, activation, engagement, and renewal

  • Health systems that want to enhance their patient lifecycle and ongoing engagement

  • Digital health services providers engaging with their members, patients, or consumers that will benefit from improved consumer data insights, analytics, and outreach

If you think Bancroft might be able to help your health organization, contact us!

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