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My Next Steps

Recently I decided to make the move from Bancroft LLC to become CEO of Cellphire Therapeutics, Inc. Cellphire is a biotechnology company developing next-generation platelet-based hemostatic therapeutics for application across multiple medical indications. I will be bringing my health sector insight, strategy, and capital markets expertise to the company. I am excited to be helping Cellphire grow and develop cutting-edge new healthcare treatments.

Cellphire is at the forefront of an exciting new era in cellular therapeutics. The company has developed the capability to freeze dry platelets that can stop bleeding and heal patients through a range of therapeutic avenues. Freeze drying platelets extends their shelf-life from the current 5 days to three years and allows transport at room temperature.

We have the potential to help patients in rural markets, the military and third world countries without the expensive infrastructure currently necessary to collect and store platelets. One area of particular need is the case of labor and delivery. Maternal hemorrhage is a small incidence though significant risk during childbirth. Cellphire’s product, once approved, could be helpful in providing support to mothers served by rural hospitals that typically do not have ready access to platelets. This would improve care and allow new moms to deliver their

babies in their communities rather than go to urban centers where platelets are available.

I believe the work Cellphire is doing in platelet-based therapeutics has the potential to revolutionize how bleeding patients are treated. Cellphire has a great foundation in place, terrific science, and a talented, dedicated team of people. We have a high-quality, entrepreneurial team and strong relationships with key partners in BARDA, the Army, and the transfusion community.

This is a particularly exciting time for Cellphire, as they begin two Phase 2 clinical trials with two distinct investigational products: Cryopreserved Platelets and Thrombosomes®, the company’s lead investigational product, a freeze-dried hemostatic derived from human platelets.

I look forward to leading the company into the next stage of development and, ultimately, to helping bring life-saving products to patients.

We are always looking for talented people and strong partners to help in this mission. If you can help please reach out to me.

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