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Bancroft Helps ShiftMed Grow Into New Markets

When the people at ShiftMed wanted to expand their go-to market strategy and establish the company in new markets, they turned to Bancroft Group for expert assistance.

ShiftMed is an on-demand skilled healthcare staffing solution for assisted living facilities. Having sufficient staffing to provide care is imperative and mandated by government regulation; that is where ShiftMed comes in. They have created a mobile app for healthcare professionals to pick up shifts when they have availability. Professionals, like nurses and certified nurses aides, sign up through the app and get started working in as little as 24 hours. Once signed up, they can view hundreds of weekly shifts with a large variety of facilities, locations, rates, and schedules—all accessible from an app on their phone. This service is a win for the facilities that need to cover shifts and for healthcare professionals who want to earn money while maintaining control of their own schedule.

Healthcare providers also like ShiftMed’s flexibility, particularly since many facilities are required to have a minimum number of skilled staff members on site. The ShiftMed solution allows providers to upload open shifts through any means that fit their current business processes, including the ShiftMed platform or by phone, text, or email. Once on the ShiftMed solution, they can instantly notify hundreds of credentialed healthcare professionals in their market about the open shifts.

ShiftMed does the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding, so providers do not need to, and it verifies and delivers professional credentials in advance. The ShiftMed app also provides up-to-the-minute GPS tracking so providers know when their healthcare professionals arrive and can manage time-sheets accurately. ShiftMed carefully curates their healthcare providers list down to the most reliable employees, resulting in an industry-leading shift show and fill rate (90%+).

The company is going to market one city at a time. Bancroft helps them expand into each market by introducing them to executives who are familiar with that market, building relationships and name recognition in each area. ShiftMed is established in numerous U.S. cities and expanding into more every quarter. The pandemic has created a particularly urgent need for reliable skilled healthcare workers.

“Our role is leveraging trusted relationships that allow access to the executive level--which can be difficult for newer organizations,” says Mike Kelly, Senior Advisor at Bancroft Group. “You typically get one shot at an introduction of this type, so if the mindset of the executive is open due to a trusted relationship, you are one step closer to a ‘yes.’ These discussions can be that much more productive.”

Bancroft has helped refine ShiftMed’s whole go-to-market approach, expanding their presence and access to markets so they could meet their business objectives. To date, they have introduced ShiftMed to seven brands and helped the company staff 11 facilities, resulting in 262 shifts being filled. And the number grows every day.

Bancroft can help your business grow too! Contact us today and learn how we can help you.

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