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Expert Private Equity Consulting Services

The investment process demands decisive action - even on the tightest timelines. Successful private equity professionals quickly assess opportunities without missing hidden risk. Unfortunately, this particular feat is easier said than done in complex markets like healthcare. How much could accessing a deep network of industry experts before making decisions improve your end results? 

Quite a bit. 

We’ve seen firsthand how incorporating experienced executives into the investment process leads to better results. We also know that building a network of industry insiders takes time; a resource in short supply when evaluating an opportunity. At Bancroft Group, we share our network of healthcare executives - built over decades of experience as private equity professionals in the healthcare market - with you. Whether you need a thirty-minute call with an industry insider or an executive prepared to take on a long-term operational role, we can help you find the right match.

Executive Relationship Consulting Services

The ability to dedicate your own operating resources to an investment is a major contributor to a successful result. At any given time, Bancroft Group can link you with an experienced healthcare executive to take on roles including:


  • Industry Expert

  • Consultant

  • Operations Support

  • Deal CEO

  • Other C-Level Role

  • Board Director

If you’re ready to learn more about how Bancroft Group, and our network of healthcare executives, can deliver the expert support you need to make your next investment a success, get in touch.

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