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The Bancroft Group team, and our Operating Executive Network, will deliver the support and direction you need to make your next investment a success. After discussing your needs and goals, we will connect you to a vetted member of our network of private equity operating executives and advisors proactively and reactively within a week.

And it’s never too early - or too late - to reach out for support. We work with private equity professionals at every stage of the acquisitions process.

  • Pre-IOI - Deliver operating insights and executive engagement to support early and aggressive pursuit of the best deals to differentiate you in competitive situations

  • Post-IOI to Close - Identify actionable angles to create an advantage in any process; reduce risk through operational and market insights and get the deal closed

  • Post-Close - Draw on insight and execution from operating executives to spur growth, create value and generate higher returns through consulting engagements as well as sourcing executives and board directors to ensure execution

Our relationship-based services enhance your investment capabilities, without interfering with them, and provide you an edge in the process through curated expertise at your direction in your investment process. You define the need, and we meet it by leveraging our Operating Executive Network and strategic partners through the following activities.

Extending Resources

Introducing new ideas.

Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes makes all the difference. In the private equity world innovation, creativity, and expert knowledge are critical if you hope to make the most of your investments. The Bancroft Group team and our Operating Executive Network can work with you throughout the acquisition process to identify opportunities, potential pitfalls, and the risks worth taking.

Increasing Coverage

Growing businesses and overcoming hurdles

You took the first step, and now it’s time to grow your investment. Our Operating Executive Network will work alongside you to help identify opportunities, set goals (and develop plans to help you achieve them), and navigate any tricky situations you come across.

Expanding Knowledge

Connecting with industry experts.

Sometimes you need expert advice, and you need it fast. We can help. The experienced professionals that make up our Operating Executive Network will sit down with you to answer questions, make suggestions, and give you invaluable insight grounded in real-world experience. 

If you’d like to learn more about our products, and how our Operating Executive Network can make your next investment faster, smoother, and more profitable, contact us today. We’re happy to discuss how Bancroft Group can support you through the investment process.

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