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Past experiences build future success.

The Bancroft Group team has spent decades learning what does - and doesn’t - work in healthcare and in private equity. That’s decades of launching businesses, raising and investing nearly a billion dollars capital for our partner companies, weathering market downturns, and building a deep network of industry experts. We draw on our experience and work alongside our partners - private equity firms, executives, and operating companies - to determine what kind of support they need to make their investments a success. Then we connect them with a proven industry insider ready to deliver that support. 

When you work with Bancroft Group, you’re working with private equity professionals that:

  • Launched businesses and worked with startup teams throughout the launch process

  • Helped founders transition their companies from a growth dream to a thriving, professionally run company attractive to strategic acquirers

  • Invested and raised nearly a billion dollars in capital for partner companies 

  • Bought businesses from corporations, nonprofits, and founders

  • Executed roll-up strategies

  • Supported companies growing at 10%, 20%, and 50% annual rates by helping leadership teams to rapidly develop and evolve their systems, processes, and organizations

If your private equity firm is considering an opportunity in the healthcare market, why not get an expert’s take before you take the leap? Contact us today to learn more about the Bancroft group network and how it can help you.

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